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Type Network

Selected work (not all final) for Type Network, a font marketing and e-commerce platform. I worked on extending the responsive design system that Type Network had developed for the e-commerce section of the platform. The work included UX discussions and sketches, layouts, typography and icon design, and responsive HTML prototypes and templates. The navigation in particular went through many iterations. Final site at Type Network.

Type Network Foundry Home Type Network News Home, top Type Network Proposed Designer Profile Type Network Navigation Exploration

Prospect Park Hockey Club

Patches and logos for the hockey club I participate in. A fun illustration and lettering project.

PPHC Sweater mockup PPHC Sweater mockup PPHC Sweater mockup PPHC Sweater mockup

Brown Paper Tickets

Selected in-progress work for Brown Paper Tickets, an online ticketing site. The project goal was to develop a style guide for a responsive site redesign. I worked from supplied UX documents to develop design comps, and then transitioned to refining the system via prototypes in the browser. These comps show some of the early explorations for event pages. The challenge was in creating a system that had the flexibility to accommodate many different forms of user-supplied content. The fourth image is an HTML prototype of the design system.

BPT Sketch 14, Desktop BPT Sketch 18, Mobile BPT Sketch 18, Desktop BPT HTML Prototype

An Event Apart Print Ads

Select print ads from 2015-17 for An Event Apart, the design and front-end conference. The ads were designed to run in Communication Arts, in most cases the Interaction issues.

Concepts were developed with Jeffrey Zeldman, the founder of An Event Apart, and then I executed on the art, layout, and prepress work for each ad.

An Event Apart Ad: Fight the rising tide of conformity An Event Apart Ad: Fold In: The User An Event Apart Ad: Fold In: There is no fold An Event Apart Ad: Interact with Real Live Humans

An Event Apart

Selected work from An Event Apart, a longtime client. My work with AEA has involved many projects, including the identity, website design, advertising for web and print, signage, email digests, and more.

An Event Apart Logo An Event Apart Homepage Comp 2015 An Event Apart Event Page Comp 2015 An Event Apart Signage

Web25th Anniversary

A responsive web site for the W3C, celebrating the 25th Anniversary in 2014 of the creation of the web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. I was responsible for developing the UX with the client, and transforming that into layout and illustration for the site.

Web-25th Home Web-25th Video Web-25th Mobile Web-25th Poster


Been was an unusual project: a plugin that allowed users to log and share their web browsing history. The plugin took the form of an overlay that appeared above web pages in the browser. I worked on UX for both the plugin and the web portal, as well as identity, design, layout, and illustration for same. The Been logo was branched out into several categories that could be used to help sort history data.

Been Logo Been Home Page Been Plugin been_categories

World Science Festival

Selected work from the 2011 design for the World Science Festival, the annual art and science gathering by Brian Greene. I worked on the IA and visual design for the site, which connected together events, performers, venues, blog posts, and more into a complete package.

World Science Festival 2011 Home World Science Festival 2011 Gala World Science Festival 2011 Event Page World Science Festival 2011 Blog Post


A 2010-11 project for Roubini Global Economics. Economonitor aggregated financial bloggers into one network, including related works, tweets, and Facebook activity. My concept for the design was to adopt the warm tone of a financial broadsheet into a dense design to convey a sense of dense, dynamic, informative information ecology.

Economonitor Logo Economonitor Home Page Economonitor Post Economonitor Profile Page

Seed Global Reset

A special print issue of Seed Magazine that focused on ideas for a Global Reset in the perception of science. I was responsible for design and concept, layout, prepress, and illustrations.

Seed Global Reset Cover Seed Global Reset Front of Book Spread Seed Global Reset Feature Detail Seed Global Reset Photo Spread detail

Seed Media Group

As Digital Director for Seed Media Group, I worked on the Seed Magazine, ScienceBlogs, and other network sites. The work included UX and layout for seedmagazine.com and scienceblogs.com over several iterations, as well as special web features and micro-sites, editorial art, and different identities for the properties and projects.

SEEDMAGAZINE-3.0 Home 3.0 SEEDMAGAZINE-3.0 Section Landing SEEDMAGAZINE-3.0 Article SCIENCEBLOGS Home SEED Design Series Video Browser SEED Slideshow Viewer SEED Slideshow Viewer SEED Workbench Feature SEEDMAGAZINE-INTERACTIVE Genome Chart SEEDMAGAZINE-REVMINDS-10 SEEDMAGAZINE Salon Home SEEDMAGAZINE Salon Hauser Morris Seed Magazine State of Science Seed Magazine State of Science Science Blogs logo SCIENCEWIDE logo