Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

A List Apart

Responsive web design · Branding · UX · Art direction

A List Apart is one of the original online web design publications, founded by Jeffrey Zeldman in 1998.

I came on board to work on a 2012 redesign, and then stayed with the publication for a few years as an art director.

The prior iteration of A List Apart had a softer, more literary tone, and the original intent behind the redesign was to freshen that tone. As designs were developed, a more minimal direction was established and the large masthead was added to help give the otherwise stark tone some punch. It became a manifesto, as one commenter put it. The masthead was controversial at the time.

My work also later included editorial illustrations and art direction for ALA illustrators.

A List Apart mark A List Apart design comps 2012
A List Apart design comps 2014
A List Apart editorial art
A List Apart event layout