Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

Seed Magazine

Art direction · Web design · Illustration · Print

As digital design director at SEED Media Group, I led seedmagazine.com through several design refreshes, worked on layouts and prototypes for special interactive features, and created editorial art for the website.

seed_web_design SEED-10_sds_01_browser_02a SEED-SALON-Home-Screenshot SEED-Slideshow-Nebula SEED-Slideshow-Volcano SEED_wir_20100226 SEED_wir_20091113 SEED_wir_20090918 SEED_wir_20100212

ScienceBlogs was another big SEED project that I was involved in from the beginning—a network of blogs that were focused on science and related issues. ScienceBlogs grew from being a loose collection of a dozen or so blogs, to a large network of 70 blogs, with a curated home page that was edited daily. I designed the logo and guided the design of the site through the first few iterations to a mature platform.

ScienceBlogs logo ScienceBlogs home photo ScienceBlogs design comps

I also did design and prepress work for SEED Global Reset, a special print issue of the magazine.

seed-global-reset-1 seed-global-reset-2 seed-global-reset-3