Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

Retropie arcade cabinet

Baltic Birch


Baltic birch. Wipe-on poly finish.


This cabinet currently houses a Raspberry Pi 2 with Retropie to run emulators for classic video games. It has two player controls in the front and a speaker for mono sound in the back. It also houses a de-cased 19" Dell monitor that provides extra USB ports. External USB ports in the back allow keyboard connection for configuration, as well as extra controllers for 3+ players. The control labels are screen printed directly on the plywood.

What went wrong?

This is a second build after a very rough prototype, so the design is refined, but the connections are a little tight to the monitor. I also had a slip while routing the final slot for the speaker grill...

Arcade cabinet front Arcade cabinet front Arcade cabinet rear Arcade cabinet, control detail Arcade cabinet, rear USB detail Arcade cabinet, speaker detail Arcade cabinet, conrtols top view Arcade cabinet, side view Arcade cabinet, interior