Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

Desk 1

Baltic birch plywood · Solid walnut and maple


Baltic birch desktop, walnut and maple skirt, walnut legs, Wipe-on Poly finish.


I wanted to make a desk that was a little more refined than the usual boxy things I make. The legs are made from a 1.5" thick walnut plank that I planed, milled, and tapered into a lighter leg with heavily rounded edges.

What went wrong?

I had to add the round opening to the cable channel after the fact, when I realized I couldn't get bigger cable endings through. Also, I twisted off a couple of screws in the walnut and maple.

Desk v.1 corner view Desk v.1 with laptop Desk v.1 detail cable groove Desk v.1 detail of leg and skirt Desk v.1 detail of corner