Michael Pick

Graphic Designer


Baltic birch plywood


Baltic birch cabinet and drawers, side-mount ball-bearing drawer , Wipe-on Poly finish.


This dresser was made for my son's bedroom. The idea was to design something contemporary and simple that made the most of the baltic birch plywood. The dimensions were based roughly on a dresser I have from a major retailer.

What went wrong?

When I set up to cut the grooves for the drawer bottoms, I cut them on the wrong side in relation to the lap joints on the drawer backs and fronts. I had to go back and recut the grooves, and as a result there is a groove on the back side of the drawers that is fortunately not visible in normal use.

Dresser front view with Lego Tie Fighter, Lego robot, and T-rex model skeleton on top Detail photo of opened empty dresser drawer showing interior build and drawer slides Off-angle photo of dresser with bottom drawer ajar Detail of dresser drawer handle Dresser front view showing light wood-grain pattern on drawer faces


The drawer faces are cut from a single piece of plywood so that the grain is matched across the face of the cabinet. I originally built this piece in 2018, and just recently came up with the design for the feet, and so that is why they have a slightly different coloring than the rest of the cabinet.

Detail of dresser feet showing baltic birch layers in a cube shape Detail angle photo of drawer handle and cabinet top Detail photo of open bottom drawer from top view, showing empty interior