Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

Kenwood amplifier case

Walnut plywood · Solid walnut


Walnut plywood. Solid walnut nose. Danish oil and wipe-on poly finish.


I made this cabinet using the same method as my Marantz 1030 case, with appropriate dimensions for a Kenwood KA-3500 amplifier. I received the amplifier with only one channel working and had to put a lot of work into getting it working properly again. The grill design on the top is based on the original designs for Kenwood cases from that era.

What went wrong?

I built this case from scrap pieces of walnut plywood I had in the shop, and so didn't have a big enough piece for the bottom and needed to laminate two pieces together. The air vent on the bottom is also unnecessarily deep, so that the rubber feet in the back overlap the vent.

Kenwood cabinet, front Kenwood cabinet, front closer view Kenwood cabinet, front detail Kenwood cabinet, top quarter view Kenwood cabinet, top view Kenwood cabinet, bottom view Kenwood cabinet, rear view Kenwood cabinet, in shelf