Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

Marantz amplifier case

Top view of Marantz 1030 amplifier in walnut case


Walnut plywood. Solid walnut nose. Sprayed metal grill. Danish oil and wipe-on poly finish.


This cabinet is an approximate replica of Marantz WC-10 case, which was an optional addition to the amplifier in the 1970s. The grill on this build is a thicker steel and a different shape than the original, and uses walnut ply instead of MDF as the original did. I built this out of leftover ply, which meant that I could also not wrap the grain as I might have liked. Nevertheless, it turned out handsomely. Here are the plans.

What went wrong?

The cabinet is quite a tight fit, and I did not originally allow for lower chassis screws, which meant I needed to router channels to accommodate them after the fact. Also, I cut the grill opening a little too closely to the width of the steel I ordered, and so I needed to add little shims underneath the grill channel to hold it in snugly.

Marantz cabinet, front Marantz cabinet, quarter view Marantz cabinet, top view Marantz cabinet in larger stereo cabinet with turntable and records Marantz cabinet, close up