Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

Rek‑o‑kut L‑34 Turntable

Rek-o-kut L-34 turntable in custom built cherry wood base


Solid cherry base around baltic birch and MDF core. Solid cherry lid with acrylic window. Rek-o-kut L-34 turntable assembly and ESL tonearm.


This turntable assembly and tonearm had been carefully stored in my father's basement for years. The Rek-o-kut L-34 was originally produced in New York City in the late 1950s. I wanted to do something different than the usual dark wood and found inspiration in the Rams-designed Braun SK4 Radio-Phonograph—specifically, the white top and light wood tones, and the propped lid.

The L-34 has a rather large motor assembly, and so the base is large and weighty in order to dampen vibration and rumble. Similarly, the tonearm is mounted on a removable board that is attached with dampening washers. The unit is fully manual and fitted with a Denon DL-103 cartridge.

The lid was created by bending a sheet of acrylic in a jig, using a heat gun to soften it slightly. The acrylic is fitted into a routed channel in the wooden lid frame.

Angled front view of turntable with dust cover closed
Straight on front view of turntable with dust cover closed
Top view of turnable with dustcover open, showing turntable mounting plate and full tonearm assembly
Detail showing turntable switch knob, heavy platter, and rubber slipmat
Detail focused on chrome gimbal and counterweight area of tonearm
Front detail view showing headshell with cartridge in play position on record
View in through open dustcover showing a red vinyl record on platter and the turntable switch
Back view of turntable with lid closed, showing interconnect and power cables


The base of the turntable is several layers of MDF sandwiched between baltic birch, with two recesses for the turntable assembly and the tonearm. The inner core is the wrapped in solid cherry, with an extended skirt below.

Top view of turtable base in progress, showing recesses for assembly and layered construction
Bottom view of turntable base showing lower skirt with recessed screw holes
Bottom view of turntable base showing turntable wiring