Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

49th Shelf

Responsive web design · UX · HTML/CSS

49th Shelf is a very large online database of books by Canadian authors. The diverse audience includes indivdual readers, bookstore owners, publishers, librarians, and teachers. In addition to the database, the site also features writing and recommendations on books.

The old site design was cramped,hampered by a right rail that contained little useful information, and had a somewhat dull color scheme. The site had been adapted to serve responsive needs, but the overall design hampered the support.

The primary objective of the redesign was to strip away the UI cruft and focus on the books. Book information would be rearranged cleanly and organized logically. In addition, we hoped to create a more tactile sense of book browsing, but without the excesses of skeuomorphism. Books in lists are presented as sitting upright on a plane, with a shadow as a sense of volume.

Redesigned 49th Shelf book page
Redesigned 49th Shelf Home Page
Older 49th Shelf home page
Older 49th Shelf home page
49th Shelf photographed on a phone with books
49th Shelf list view on a tablet with books
49th Shelf book prize listing page
49th Shelf children's fiction archive listing page