Michael Pick

Graphic Designer


Responsive web design · UX · HTML/CSS · Branding

Deke McClelland has a long time presence on the web as an digital artist and instructor. His site is a treasure trove of instructional videos, tips, and tricks for using Abode creative products, but the site was hampered by outdated layout and UX and a cumbersome CMS.

We worked with Deke to develop a straightforward, clean design system that put the emphasis on the visual work and allows users to view the site clearly on any device. We also migrated the site to Expression Engine and redesigned the workflow to provide a simpler and more intuitive editorial experience.

The project faced many challenges along the way, as the original site had a great deal of content and users to migrate to the new system.

A deke.com entry on mobile
Deke's new site design
Deke's new site design
Deke's prior site layout
Deke's prior site layout
Deke.com on the desktop
Deke.com menu dropdown animation
Deke's video on the tablet