Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

TYPE Magazine

Responsive web design · UX · HTML/CSS

TYPE is primarily a print magazine started by designer Roger Black. The web site was built to feature articles from the print issues along with pieces written for a web audience.

The idea behind the web site was to provide a richer palette of options for editors than the standard, one-size-fits-all news template. In the CMS, content is entered in chunks, and each chunk has different presentation options. Content chunks can be reordered by editors. Additional type and style overrides can also be added.

This flexibility allows editors to present each piece in a suitable style, for short blog posts and longer, richer reads. Images can be presented in the way that best suits the compositions. In additions, articles could be bundled as editorial packages or as issues, like the print version.

On smaller screens, the layouts stream in order in a single readable column; the layouts use CSS grid layout to reform as the screen size increases.

A TYPE feature on the St. Bride's library
59 Parks Project article
59 Parks Project middle section
Intro page for a feature package
Intro page for a feature package
Rolling Stone package article
TYPE article about IBM Plex
Middle section of St. Bride's article showing photo layout options
TYPE article on Microsoft fonts leading with a big quote
TYPE article on Microsoft fonts, middle section with custom drop cap icons
Issue listing at the bottom of the article
Issue listing at the bottom of the article