Michael Pick

Graphic Designer

Type Network

Responsive web design · UX · HTML Prototyping

Type Network is a growing alliance of the independent type designers and foundries from around the world. End users can browse fonts using a variety of tools, and license fonts for use in a variety of environments.

We worked with Type Network to develop the marketing and editorial parts of the site. Type Network editors and foundries can post news articles, gallery collections, and brochures to promote type families. The challenge was to provide a consistent and flexible design and layout system that would provide a great reading experience on any device.

A great deal of time was spent exploring the unique dual-level navigation system in order to arrive at the result that Type Network was looking for. Another key piece of the work was in designing specifications for the promotional banners that are used around the site.

Type Network foundry home: Mark Simonson
Type Network news: Richard Lipton
Type Network screenshot: About Font Bureau
Variations on navigation layout
Variations on navigation layout
Type Network gallery: Type-o-tones
Type Network article on iPad
Type Network article on iPhone
Type Network banner exploration: Antenna Serif
Type Network banner exploration: Escrow